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Faith Formation


Cursillo is an outreach program introduced into the Peoria Diocese in 1964. The program starts on a Thursday evening and ends on a Sunday evening. The 72 hours is filled with talks, activities, music, quiet time, and eating. The program is designed to let anyone who attends experience Christ in his or her own way. Since it was introduced into the Peoria Diocese in 1964, each Bishop of Peoria, including our current Bishop Jenky, has strongly supported Cursillo. The Peoria weekend program is special because it's open to every faith and introduces all to an understanding of Catholic beliefs and sacraments. A Cursillo can be made only once in a lifetime. Men and women attend separately because they generally approach their spirituality differently. Everyone experiences Cursillo differently, because we are each on our own unique journey in our relationship with the Lord. You may find joy, peace, and a new purpose in your life. Or, you may simply end up with questions and start seeking answers. You may find companions to join you on your journey. Cursillo is an encounter with Christ. For some of you It could be the most important spiritual experience of your life, and for others a reawakening, a strengthening of your faith and a new direction. Schedules and additional information can be found at or feel free to contact the Cursillo/TEC offices at (309)676-5587
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